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We were born amidst giants, but this did not astound us or intimidate us, the proposal of the creators of Blue Trader is unprecedented, and this catches the attention of the leaders who are watching their companies that promised an eternal marriage coming to an end.

With Educational Live at Conferences and Transparency of Shared Operations, we are already Unique and Unpublished, and consequently the best proposal this industry has ever seen.

When the army of Israel saw David, small in stature, before Goliath, a giant in stature, they all thought: He is very great, can not overcome him. David, in front of the giant Goliath, thought to himself: "He is very great, he can not miss it!

The giants are falling before your eyes! And those who once believed in the existence and victory of something serious, transparent and purposeful, are real and here we are "Blue Trade Global".



No hassle or bureaucracy when it comes to receiving your income.


More than 10 years of experience in the market.


Receive bonuses when you refer our services to others.


Hired as CEO, my mission is to minister and educate you about the Financial Market.

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Blue Trader Global is an international company with many investors and entrepreneurs in the world

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Already developed by a team of professionals currently in the area of CRYPTOTRADING

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Our innovative platform uses automated arbitrage system that generates profits for customers in real time

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Blue Trader customers benefit by taking profit, which is deposited directly into their online account

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